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Photo Credit: Stacy Zarin Goldberg Photography for Laura Fox Interior Design, LLC

The first post that we ever made in Fox Tales featured the above photo from the #urbanfarmhouse project and invited our blog guests to "Kick off your shoes and stay a while!" A warm welcome is such an important part of Modern Farmhouse design and there are so many ways that you can achieve that. In the #urbanfarmhouse picture, Laura worked with the client to design a cozy and practical mudroom with custom built-ins where guests can kick off their shoes, hang up their coats, and make themselves at home.

The below entryway photo from Studio McGee has a similar mindset of giving you and your guests a place to drop coats and such but without the expense and construction commitment of built-ins. A few cute hooks paired with a homey bench in black to provide contrast against the classic white board and batten farmhouse walls invites people to take off their coats, drop their bags, and stay a while.

Photo Credit: Studio McGee

If you have the space for a large mudroom off your entry way, a beautiful barn door is an excellent way to hide it away from sight if things start to get a little cluttered while also adding some visual interest to that wall. Some greenery also will always lend itself to a welcoming entryway as shown in this lovely potted plant in the below photo.

Photo Credit: Rachel Whyte for HGTV's Fixer Upper

An entirely different route for the entrance to your Modern Farmhouse is to make it very open and airy with a simple yet comfortable chair for people to collapse into. The below photo from Jennifer Robin Interiors features this type of styling for an impressive entrance that still stays true to the Modern Farmhouse aesthetic.

Photo Credit: Alyssa Rosenheck Photography for Jennifer Robin Interiors

A final option to welcome friends and family to your Modern Farmhouse is to combine a few of these components into a lovely multi-functional mudroom. The below example from Z+ Interiors takes the built-in storage from the first example and combines it with the seating and hooks from following pictures. Then it adds a fun chalkboard component which just screams Modern Farmhouse.

Photo Credit: Z+ Interiors