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  • So how does this "interior design" thing work?"
    Every designer is different but here at Laura Fox Interior Design we pride ourselves on being what we consider a "full-service" design firm. This means that we work with you from point A through point Z to design the perfect room or home for you and see it through to completion. We handle the design, ordering, managing shipments, and ultimately installing all of the pieces in the space so that you receive the full impact of your new, complete, and absolutely stunning space.
  • Is there a certain design style that you specialize in?
    While every member of the Laura Fox Interior Design team has their own personal style preferences ranging from glam transitional to modern farmhouse we really try to set aside our tastes and biases and instead design for our client. Every person has their own likes and dislikes and we believe that it is not our job to force our style on our clients. Rather, we try to really listen to our clients to understand who they are as a person, how they live their lives, and what they like in terms of design. From there we create the space that is specifically suited to that individual or family. Because, at the end of the day, it's your home and it should be someplace that you love and are comfortable in. We don't want you to feel like you're living in a museum. Your home should be a reflection of you and a tool to help you to live your best life.
  • What sources do you use in your designs?
    It depends on the client! We work with close to 500 different vendors for furniture, art, accessories, window treatments, wall coverings, floor coverings, and more. This means that we have an assortment of options, many of which are only available to designers, that we can pull from to create a design that is perfectly tailored to our clients' tastes and budgets. Additionally, because many of the sources we use extend a discount to designers, we are able to pass that discount along to our clients so you often end up paying less by going through a designer than you would for a comparable piece that was purchased through a retail supplier.
  • Do I have to work with a specific architect or contractor?
    Nope! We love creating new relationships with our colleagues on the architecture and building side! Some of our most long-standing client relationships have grown from our relationships with builders and architects. It's also always informative to learn different techniques or ways of doing things by working with new people. So, if you have an architect or contractor that you love and want to work with, we relish the opportunity! That being siad, if you are looking for recommendations we do have some fabulous people who we are happy to put you in touch with.
  • How long will my project take? When can I get started?
    Just like how every client is different, so too is every project. Even a project that doesn't require any construction at all and is simply a change in furnishings can often take 12-16 weeks to see through to completion if there are any custom furniture pieces included in that design (which we love to use as it ensures that our clients are getting something unique that is specially created for them). It's because of this often lengthy project life cycle that there are times when we have to hold off on starting new projects until we finish up with the current ones. The amount of wait time necessary before starting can definitely fluctuate depending on where in the process we are with other projects but we will always be upfront with new clients from the beginning about what they can expect for a start date.
  • How does pricing work?
    We start things off with an initial, onsite consultation in which Laura will come and meet with you in your home to discuss the project in detail, see the space, and have the always thrilling budget conversation. There is a $250 fee for this consultation which will be applied to future bills should you choose to move forward. Based on that conversation, Laura will quote a design fee that includes the time that the LFID team spends designing the space and managing the construction, finish selection, ordering, and installation process. The design fee fluctuates based on the scope of the project and the estimated amount of time that will be required to see it to completion. It does not include any of the items that are ordered for your space or any shipping charges or applicable taxes.
  • What is Fox Finds?
    Fox Finds is the online retail arm of Laura Fox Interior Design. Through this webstore you can order home furnishings and accessories that help to embue the character of some of our favorite projects into your own home. It also features twice monthly specials on items that are featured in our blog, Fox Tales. Make sure you sign up for our email to stay up to date on those specials!
  • What is #foxyfaithful?
    Foxy Faithful the loyalty program for the Fox Finds webstore. If you sign up by clicking herethen you will automatically receive 10% off your first purchase as well as a special gift for your birthday, a $10 gift card after every $1000 you spend, and access to assorted members-only promotions and discounts. It's our way of saying thank you for supporting small business!
  • How long will it take me to get my Fox Find?
    Most of the items you'll see on Fox Finds are in stock and ready to be shipped directly to our office for processing. Once we receive them we inspect every item to make certain that it meets our quality standards. If everything looks good we will pack it back up, email you the tracking number, and send it your way. This process can take from 7-10 business days. If, for some reason, your Fox Find is backordered or doesn't pass our inspection we will email you with an anticipated ETA based on the information that we receive from our vendor. We do also offer a number of Quick Ship options that we currently have in stock and ready to ship out as soon as your order is placed. These items will be noted with a banner over the item on the collection page.
  • What's the deal with shipping?
    We partner with USPS, FedEx, & UPS in order to offer the most economical shipping for our customers. Please bear in mind that there is a 7-10 business day processing time for all orders before they are shipped to you. Pro Tip: We also offer in-person pick up for our Foxy Faithful in the DC metro area! This option is free and you get the chance to come visit your favorite interior design team while checking out our office in Kensington, MD!
  • I love an item but would like it in a different color, size, etc. Is that possible?"
    Some of our Fox Finds are available in other variations than what you see on our website. So, if you see something in red and would like it in blue instead, just email and we will be happy to see if it's possible to get it in the color of your dreams. We can't guarantee it but we can certainly look into it for you!
  • I'm looking for a last minute gift, can you help?"
    If you see a Fox Find that you think would make the perfect gift but you need it quickly we will do our very best to make that happen for you. Just email hello@laurafoxinteriordesign and tell us what you're intersted in and when you need it by and we will see if there's any way to get that rushed to you. We can't guarantee it but we are always happy to try!
  • I received my Fox Find and it isn't quite what I was looking for/is damaged/wrong size - can I return it?
    We take great pride in the products that we offer to our customers and want to make sure that all of our Foxy Faithful are happy with their purchases. ​ For any product ordered through our web store, you may return it with any included accessories and packaging along with the original receipt within 10 days of the date you receive the product, and we will exchange it or offer a refund to the original payment method. In addition, please note that any custom orders are non-refundable. ​ All returns must be accompanied by a Return Authorization Form. Please click this link to submit your return request or email your name, phone number, order number, the item number that you would like to return, if you are requesting a refund or an exchange, and any photos of damage that was present upon delivery. You may also email this information to You will receive a Return Authorization Form within two (2) business days of submitting the Return Request Form.
  • I have an idea for a Fox Tales post - who can I share that with?
    That's great! We love to hear what you would like to read about! Email and tell us all about your awesome ideas!
  • Who do I talk to about doing a guest post/collaborating on a post?
    That's awesome! We love to team up with other Foxy folks! Email and tell us your thoughts.
  • What should I do if I notice that a photo/quote has been incorrectly credited?
    We do our best to make sure that everything we post is properly attributed to its creator but we admit that we are human and mistakes do happen. If you see something that we've made an error on please email so that we can get that corrected.
  • What is Wilbur's favorite food?
    Anything and everything! If someone is eating in the LFID office you can be certain to always have a little furry companion staring you down and praying that you'll drop something. But he especially loves raw carrots and Peruvian chicken.
  • What does a day in the life of Sir Wilbur Scott look like?
    Typically Wilbur starts the day with a nice bowl of kibble followed by a walk with his doting mother. Then, Wilbur & Laura head to the office where he gets straight to work on his extensive task list of naps, snuggles, and some tug of war with his toy of the moment. Around lunchtime he makes the rounds trying to sweet talk the team into sharing their lunch with him (there's always at least one sucker) before resuming his regularly scheduled napping. At some point over the course of the afternoon Laura will suggest taking a walk which inevitably prompts a thrilling game of tag combined with hide and seek throughout the office. When the work day is over Wilbur makes his way home with Laura to continue in his mission to make sure that she has all of the pug snuggles (puggles?) she could possibly need! It's a rough life for a little pug.
  • How did Wilbur come into Laura's life?
    Laura had wanted a black pug named Wilbur for at least 10 years before finally making the decision to actually get one. After doing a ton of research on local breeders, she found one and was getting first pick of the litter. Wilbur came right over and covered her with kisses. And that was that. Laura fell deeply in love and there was no going back.
  • Where did Wilbur's name come from?
    Laura thought it would be nice to give the little guy a more formal name and thus he became Sir Wilbur Scott the Beast. After choosing this fancy moniker, Laura received copies of his birth documents and discovered that his parents were named Master Edward James Cookie Monster and Princess Justine Leigh Pia. Could it be any more perfect?!?
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