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We all remember our tween/teen years. It was a time of fun and frustration, study and self-discovery. Around that time we started to develop a style of our own and began asking mom and dad to let us move on from the decor they chose for us as children so that our space could look more "cool".

Around that time is also when the homework monster really begins to get nasty. As your kids move into the middle and high school years, their workload is not just increasing in volume but also getting more difficult. That's why it becomes more important than ever to provide them with an effective study space. Something that they will actually use as opposed to being rebellious teens and trying to do their homework in bed while getting ink and Doritos dust all over the sheets.

Sussan Lari Teen Study Space

If you feel like committing the time, energy, and money to creating the best study space possible for your progeny then dedicating a room to built-in bookshelves, desks, and other storage is a great option. This type of set up really helps to keep the space as distraction fee as possible enabling them to focus on Pythagoras and Plato. Giving them some design control in selecting fun chairs, artwork and accessories makes is a space that they take pride in and enjoying spending time in.

Kid's Study Space by Avocado Sweets Design Studio

Photo Credit: Magnolia Home

If you and your teen like the idea of built-ins but don't have the space available to dedicate an entire room to that sort of endeavor you can always take a tip from Joanna Gaines and build out bunk beds to create a cozy little study nook. There's shelving for them to store their school books, a built in desk with chalkboard for note-taking, and a cool light fixture to make sure that they can see what they're working on during those late night procrastination sessions.

Teen Study Space by Sarah Gunn

There are, of course, more simple and budget friendly options that don't require you to turn the room into a construction zone in order to give your teen a great work space. Getting their input in selecting a cute desk with simple storage and accessorizing it with items that are useful but also fit their style can go a long way towards creating an effective space for them take on the homework monster.

Kid's Study Space by Joanna Gaines/Magnolia Home

Photo Credit: Our Fifth House

The most important part of creating a study space for your t(w)een is making certain that it's something they feel ownership over. During this time of figuring out who they are, having that space that reflects their tastes and interests is crucial and can work wonders in getting them to actually use it, saving your sheets from the certain destruction of cheesy fingers, spilled Mountain Dew, and pen explosions. It's really a win-win for everyone during this tough time of transitioning from child to adult.

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