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Has everyone noticed that the last few mornings have been bordering on being downright chilly? At LFID we most definitely have. And we are SO EXCITED! In case you didn't know, girls love Fall.

Iliza Shlesinger Freezing Hot

Photo Credit: Iliza Shlesinger

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger gets it spot on in her Netflix special "Freezing Hot" when she waxes eloquent on the degree to which women love Fall. We go nuts over pumpkin tablescapes, decking out the entire house (inside & outside) in Fall decor, creating our own decorative Fall-themed paraphernalia, and most importantly, making and consuming all of the Fall food & beverages (Pumpkin Spice Latte anyone?) that our bellies can handle.

So, the next few blog posts will be indulging in all of our Fall fantasies as we welcome the best season of the year - starting off with some Fabulously Fall Tablescapes.

Fall Tablescape by Stone Gable Blog

Photo Credit: Stone Gable Blog

Just because it's Fall doesn't mean that you have to stick with the traditional red, orange, & yellow color scheme. In fact, we honestly prefer not to go that route as we are somewhat obsessed with white pumpkins. How cute are they when mixed with some lovely pale green heirloom pumpkins, eucalyptus, & pine cones to create a perfect fall tablescape with nary a hint of orange in sight?

If you do want to incorporate a splash of those warmer hues but still aren't feeling the vibrant orange of your standard pumpkin we love the below idea of pairing the white & green pumpkins with some copper accents. Lauren over at Blesser House DIYed these adorable votives with a quick coat of copper spray paint and they round out her Fall tablescape just perfectly.

Fall Tablescape by Blesser House

Photo Credit: Blesser House

If you are looking for a smaller Fall-inspired tablescape, a simple wooden bowl filled with white pumpkins and paired with some gorgeous glassware fits the bill splendidly. It's not too heavy handed but still feels very autumnal.

Angelika Film Center

We are also crushing on the below California inspired Fall arrangement by April at illistyle. It is such a fresh, new take on a Fall tablescape and really, who doesn't love a succulent? We are itching to the try something like this out at our #westcoastmeetspotomac project.

Angelika Film Center

Photo Credit: illistyle

As a final option, you can embrace some of the other colors of the season. The below arrangement by Lucy at Craftberry Bush feels like you've just stepped outside at dusk on a chilly, foggy Fall morning and are enveloped in these gorgeous gray, blue, and mauve tones. Just make sure to add some of those white pumpkins to round out your Fall tablescape!

Angelika Film Center

Photo Credit: Craftberry Bush

As you're designing your perfect Fall tablescape, be sure to stop by your local Farmers Market (check out this guide from Washington Post if you don't know where the closest Farmers Market is!) for your pumpkins and flowers. We are huge fans of the vendors at Union Market but any place where you can support local growers is great in our books!

Stay Foxy!


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