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It's that time of year again! Time to hit up Target and get stocked up on pencils, folders, book bags, and the abundance of other supplies that fill our carts as the start of the school year quickly approaches. While you're getting the kids all set for school it's also important to make sure they're fully equipped to tackle that monstrous destroyer of fun, the bane of every child's existence - homework.

Laura Fox Interior Design Kid's Study Space

In the #worldtraveler project, Laura had the chance to dive deep into what makes a good study space for elementary aged kids as she designed a study for our client's nine year-old daughter. She started with a soothing light blue color palette which is proven to promote focus and productivity. She then added in a desk and bookshelf with plenty of storage for books and supplies along with a bulletin board for our young client to display all of those A+ assignments.

Kid's Study Space by Avocado Sweets Design Studio

Another great color option for kids' spaces is a bright and cheerful yellow which encourages optimism and creativity. Making a child's homework area as positive as possible can be a particularly useful tool in countering the negative connotations that kids' have when it comes to homework. Anything that makes it more palatable and helps it get done is always a good thing!

Kid's Study Space by Hurst Home Company

Photo Credit: Hurst Home Company

Along the same lines of making the idea of homework more positive and less of a struggle is the concept of combining work and play in one space. In an article published by the American Psychology Association regarding the pros and cons of homework, Denise Pope, PhD, a professor of education at Stanford University says, "Children of all ages need down time in order to thrive". Why not incorporate down time into homework time? After 10 minutes of homework, Junior gets a 5 minute play break.

Kid's Study Space by Joanna Gaines/Magnolia Home

Photo Credit: Magnolia Home

Of course, every child is unique and some kids definitely need a more structured space that minimizes distractions in order to get their work done and really absorb the knowledge. In that case, a quiet, well-lit area with soothing tones and a well-stocked but clutter-free work space is going to be key.

Kid's Study Space by Hannotte Interiors

Photo Credit: Hannotte Interiors

Just like every child is unique, so too is every parent. Parents are becoming increasingly more involved and hands-on in their kids lives and that includes within the homework realm. If that is more your style, then creating a built in study area in a more commonly used spot in your home could be just the ticket. That way you are nearby and ready to spring into action whenever there is a new long division monster to be battled.

We are constantly hearing what a daily struggle homework is for the families that we work with. We hope that this has given you at least a few new ideas of ways to minimize that battle and make life more enjoyable for everyone.

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