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neutral fall decor

It's no secret that we love Fall. The air is getting nice and crisp, the leaves are changing, and we are seized by an impulse to go on Pinterest and find all of the Fall decor that we can click on. Break out of the Pinterest spiral and actually turn your home into a Fall Fantasyland using these 6 easy pointers that we've compiled.

fall entryway decor

Photo Credit: Craftberry Bush

Secret #1: Start With A Warm Welcome

First impressions matter. How will your guests know that Fall has hit your home if you don't make them aware as soon as they walk in the door? We are crushing so hard on this giant basket exploding with plush pumpkins. It just screams of a warm, comfy, cozy Fall embrace which is just the kind of welcome we would want to receive.

fall entry decorations

Secret #2: White Pumpkins For Days!!!

We said it last week and we'll say it again - we're kind of obsessed with white pumpkins. They are so cute and they say "Fall" but much more gently than orange pumpkins which are more like "FALL!!!". They also easily complement any design scheme or color palette. They are the perfect way to quickly add a subtle Fall nod to any room in your home.

Angelika Film Center

Photo Credit: Maison De Cinq

Secret #3: Bring The Outdoors In

Who doesn't love being outdoors during Fall? Bring some of that feeling indoors by collecting the foliage of the season in and using it throughout your home. Your local Farmers Market is a great source for seasonal flowers & greenery or you can always bring some back from your fall exploring. Grab some extras during your apple picking & pumpkin patch visits and use them around your house to really bring that Fall feeling inside.

white pumpkin fireplace decor

Photo Credit: Joyful Derivatives

Secret #4: Cozy Up

As it starts to cool down we all want to cozy up. Scatter an assortment of plush throws and pillows throughout your house so that you are warm and comfy all season long.

fall mantel garland

Photo Credit: Maison de Pax

Secret #5: Fall ≠ Orange

Just because it's Fall doesn't mean that you have to cover your home in orange and yellow. If those traditional Fall shades are your cup of tea and work in your space then you should certainly use them to your hearts content. However, if they don't work for you then you shouldn't force it. Greenery can also work wonders and aids in the transition from Summer to Winter. Pair it with our favorite white pumpkins and you are all set for Fall.

fall mantel with antlers

Photo Credit: Craftberry Bush

Secret #6: Come To The Dark Side (we have pumpkin spice cookies)

Fall means Halloween and that means embracing a touch of the macabre. Dead branches, dried leaves, some antlers, and darker tones and themes are always a great way to mix things up and have some fun with the season.

Stay Foxy!


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