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At Team LFID we love linens. We have a stockpile of throw pillows filling up one of the closets in our office and family members have imposed a linen purchasing ban on at least one LFID team member because their personal collection was getting out of control.

We get it, not everyone understands just how great linens are. The right linens can infuse new life and personality into a space in the blink of an eye. A throw pillow here, a tablecloth there and the entire vibe of the space has been transformed. So, join us as we explore all of the different ways to use linens that makes us love them so much - starting with throw pillows and blankets.

Pop Of Color

One of the most beloved uses for throw pillows is to add a pop of color to a space. Without the throw pillows this photo would be basically a (albeit lovely) blank slate of a neutral living room. Then, with a burst of brightly colored florals and a shot of citron, you have a living room that exudes joy and life.

The throw pillow selection in this photo is particularly on point. By mixing a solid bright color with a more neutral graphic print and then adding the floral in a contrasting color to the solid pillow it creates a delightful palette that is interesting without being overwhelming.

A Touch of Texture

After adding that pop of color you can take your linen game to the next level by adding in a throw blanket and having some fun with different textures. Here we have the greige velvet of the sofa offset by a fun faux fur throw pillow and a cozy woven blanket with a little toughness tossed in by way of a leather throw pillow. A couple fun, geometric prints round out this pretty but approachable living space.

Size Matters (And Shape Too!)

When selecting your throw pillows it's important to make sure that you are aware of the size and shape of the pillows you're using. A good rule of thumb is typically to start with a large 22" or 24" square pillow, add a smaller square in 18" or 20", and then finish things off with a kidney pillow. If you have space, a round pillow can also be thrown in to create visual interest and a nice touch of whimsy.

Tie It All Together