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We continue our love letter to linens with some of our other favorite ways to use textiles to take your home decor up a notch. The effective use of linens can go such a long way in adding personality to a space by infusing an extra layer of color, pattern, or texture. They are truly the finishing pieces that pull it together and there are a multitude of beautiful ways in which to use them.

Wonderful Windows

One of our favorite ways to complete a space using textiles is through window treatments. There are few things that "finish" a space more completely than the addition of a well-executed window treatment. Whether it's draperies, roman shades, or a simple valance - having that extra little something defining your windows just helps a room to feel complete. Quality window treatments can definitely get a little pricey but they are well-worth the investment as they really do help to turn your house into a home. In some cases they may even help to protect your furniture and floor coverings from harsh sun rays.

Terrific Tables

If custom window treatments are bit out of the budget for you, a more economical way to use textiles to add personality is through table linens. There are times when it seems like table cloths, linen napkins, placemats, and table runners have gone the way of VHS tapes as people eschew formal dining rooms for casual breakfast nooks and replace home cooked meals with takeout. However, we believe that they can really make a difference in making a home feel warm, welcoming, and complete. There is something about a beautiful, well-set dining table that just says "Welcome to my home. I'm so glad you're here!"

Tremendous Towels

One easy and interchangeable way to add a pop of personality with linens is with towels. While we love a plush, white, hotel-style towel as much as every designer, we also love the idea of mixing it up a bit and using towels as a way to bring in a pop of color or a fun pattern or texture to the space. And you don't have to limit that idea to bathrooms. A cute checked dishtowel in a bright color provides a quick infusion of character and color into any kitchen.

Beautiful Bedding

Is there a more welcome sight at the end of a long day than a big, cozy bed covered in luxurious linens? This is one area where we highly recommend the splurge. Good quality bedding can definitely be pricey but you will most definitely feel the difference. Basically, an investment in quality bedding is an investment in sleep quality and therefore quality of life. Linens are more important than most people think!