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For the month of August we thought it could be fun to do a couple Ask The Expert segments in which we could reach out to some of our fabulous local gurus with some of the questions that we hear a lot from clients to get the benefit of their sage advice.

What brought you to Sherwin Williams?

After graduating with a degree in Interior Design and practicing during the economic crash of 2008, I decided to go back to school to earn a second degree in Political Science. While studying at Towson University, I was introduced to Sherwin Williams as a new career start. After interviewing with the company and learning about a position based in Designer Marketing, it seemed like a perfect fit. This position allows me to stay active in the Design process and help Designers get the right tools and specify the correct product. It truly is a win win in my book.

What is the one mistake you most see people make when selecting paint colors?

Choosing the paint color first! As this seems logical to most, it's important to remember that there are thousands of paint colors. If you box yourself in with a specific color way you are limiting the amount of textiles you can choose from. I always suggest choosing your paint color last, as it's the easiest piece of a design to tweak. The next biggest mistake I see is when the client does not take the right product into consideration for long lasting color and beauty!

What are some good rules of thumb for choosing the right paint sheen?

You must focus on the needs of the space. Is it touch up, hiding imperfections, durability? A flat paint touches up the best and hides more imperfections, but traditionally isn't as durable, until the launch of our Emerald and Duration coatings that offer a true washable flat. The beauty of using those products is that you no longer need to compromise finish for durability. It all comes down to the amount of light you want to reflect back into the space. .

If you want something super durable that you can scrub and clean, you want to go with a semi gloss. If you want a little durability without all that sheen, stay with a satin.

The shinier a sheen the more light it will reflect. So, if you have a space that needs more light, take the sheen up a bit higher. If you want to soften a space go the opposite direction and use a lower sheen.