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Hey Moms! We know that February can be one of the toughest months of the year for you. It's smack dab in the middle of winter, the Holiday High has worn off, the kids have a serious case of cabin fever, and it feels like the glorious days of Spring (AKA when you can banish the kids to the yard again) are forever away. Add in the massive influx of sugar from Valentine's Day (because the one thing a cooped up five-year-old needs is a mountain of candy) and we get it, the struggle is so real.

Sometimes, you just need, nay deserve, to sneak away and take some time for yourself. So, head to the Master Bathroom, follow a few simple steps, and turn it into your Happy Place.

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The First Step To A Blissful Bath Is... A Blissful Bath!

If you have a dreamy soaking tub with all of the bells and whistles, kudos to you (we're a little jealous)! Unfortunately, we know that not everyone is necessarily that blessed. That doesn't mean you can't have a blissful bath, though! Stock up on bubble bath, bath salts, candles, and even flowers if you're really feeling fancy.

Pour yourself a big glass of wine or a soothing cup of tea, grab your favorite book, and turn on some Norah Jones to drown out the sound of the kids screaming downstairs. Now, sink down into those bubbles and feel those winter doldrums melt away.

Envelope Yourself in Luxurious Linens

After your dreamy bath there is nothing better than stepping out of the tub onto a plush bathmat and wrapping yourself in a big, soft, cozy towel. We firmly believe that a good set of linens (and maybe a fabulous, fluffy bathrobe!) can make a world of difference in creating a lush, spa-inspired retreat to escape from the daily grind for just a few minutes.

It's like a nice, warm hug to polish off the bath experience!

Look At That Gorgeous Lady!

After your bath (Or before! You do you! It's your happy place!) there is nothing better than giving yourself a nice little mini-facial. It's important that you can see that stunning face while you're cleansing, exfoliating, toning, masking, moisturizing, etc! Your beautiful visage deserves a quality mirror and excellent lighting. Nobody enjoys their beautifying routine as much in some crummy fluorescent lighting as they do in lighting that brings out all your natural glory.

It Takes A Village...Of Products To Look & Feel This Good!

Bubble bath, bath salts, lotions, face masks, hair sprays, make up brushes, flat irons, the works! As women, our daily bathroom experience requires a lot of products, tools, and accouterments. Nothing detracts from your lovely, relaxing retreat quite so much as a lot of clutter that gets you thinking about all of the things you "should" be doing around the house.

Moms are typically caretakers by nature and find it difficult enough to take the time out to care for themselves without staring at a messy jumble of products on the vanity. So, invest in some organizers to go inside the vanity to keep things in order and some attractive storage solutions for the top to keep everything else looking as clean, beautiful, and cared for as you will feel after your Blissful Bath.

It's worth it and YOU DESERVE IT!

Don't forget to stop by Thursday for info on our Mom's Blissful Bath Valentine's Giveaway!!!

Stay Foxy!


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