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Our February celebration of creating a happy place for all the moms out there continues with the Master Bedroom. This space can easily become a restful, relaxing haven to get away from all of the pressures that go along with being Mom of the Year. So curl up, take a peek at these pointers, and then get to work creating your Majestic Master Bedroom.

Layers Upon Layers Upon Layers

Nothing creates a cozy, relaxing bed quite as nicely as layers. Use multiple pillows of varying degrees of firmness so that you're all set for sleep time, curling up with a good book, or "Netflix & Chilling". Having an assortment of blankets and throws also helps when crafting that perfect cuddle space. Sometimes when you just want to collapse on the bed and take a few minutes for yourself you don't feel like fully unmaking the bed, getting under the comforter, etc. Having a few plush throw blankets around make it so that you can just grab one of those and indulge in a few precious moments of quiet solitude.

Light Levels Are Enlightening

There are few things less relaxing than a glaring fluorescent light or a window that the sun is beaming straight through with no way to block or diffuse it. Low, soft light levels are inherently more conducive to relaxation. They signal to our brain that it's time to rest and unwind. Get that signal started by blocking out the outside light with some lovely window treatments. Complete your serene lighting scheme by adding an assortment of sconces and table lamps so that you can shut off the main overhead lights to decompress while also having some subtle light sources. This will enable you to enjoy that book you've been meaning to start but haven't quite had the opportunity yet.

A Cold Floor Makes For A Very Rude Awakening

After you roll out of bed from your restful recharge session, you don't want to immediately be jarred back to reality by putting your bare feet on an ice cold floor. A large area rug that perfectly frames the bed while preventing that cold feet unpleasantness is an absolute godsend especially during these chilly February days. It is well worth the investment.

We hope that we've given all of our lovely mommy friends some food for thought on how to create that retreat space that we know so many of you desperately need. For those of you reading this who aren't moms - we're sure you know a mom who would be very appreciative of a nice throw blanket or pillow to help them create their Happy Space. Stop by the Fox Finds webstore and pick something up! Or heck, treat yourself!!! It seems like lately we could all use a place to escape the world every now and then.

Stay Foxy!


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