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Set your college student up for studying success with these Fox Finds!

Kids' Study Space Fox Finds

Send your student off to college with these tools for study time success!

Start off by combating dorm room discomfort with a quirky throw pillow and a cute little desktop fan. The pillow will be a godsend for the hours spent sitting in those uncomfortable dorm room desk chairs. Meanwhile, the desktop fan provides welcome relief when the temperature happens to be in the boiling range as opposed to the other standard temperature of freezing. Keeping some air blowing on your face is also a great way to keep from nodding off over your books.

Round out the space with a handy task light to ward off roommate fights caused by leaving all of the lights on for a late night study session and you have a solid base for your student to conquer their coursework.

1. Throw Pillow - $29 (includes down blend insert - 20"H x 20"W)

2. Task Light - $225 (requires one 60W bulb, not included - 38.5"H x 28"W x 28"D)

3. Desktop Fan - $35 (4.5" D x 6" H)

These products can be purchased by emailing If you order prior to the day's end on August 30th, 2018 you will receive the above discounted pricing.

Prices do not include tax or shipping costs.

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Stay Foxy!



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