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Fall Decor Shopping

Make your Fall recipes pop with the perfect presentation pieces!

When you make the most perfect, gorgeous, decadent Fall delicacies you want to make sure that your serving ware does your masterpiece justice.

For those glorious bourbon cinnamon pecan caramel apples, a massive rustic-inspired statement tray running down the middle of the table makes certain that the apples are truly the centerpiece and draws every eye to them and their sweet & salty magnificence.

Meanwhile, waking up to a mountain of white chocolate pumpkin scones proudly displayed for all to see (and smell!) on a galvanized metal pedestal will make you the hero of the household.

Finally, a simple white ceramic chip and dip server provides the perfect frame to let the warm tones of your toasted pumpkin seed hummus shine. Surround it with some toasty golden pita and nobody will be able to resist.

1. Distressed Wooden Tray - $279 (Approximately 55"L x 17"D x 4"H)

2. Galvanized Metal Pedestals - $87 (Set of Three - 9" Diam x 3.5 H, 13.5 Diam x 4.75 H, 15" Diam x 5.75" H)

3. White Ceramic Chip & Dip Tray - $63 (15" Diam x 3.25 "H)

These products can be purchased by emailing If you order prior to the day's end on November 8th, 2018 you will receive the above discounted pricing.

Prices do not include tax or shipping costs.

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Stay Foxy!


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