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At LFID we love food. A lot. Especially food that is cooked on a grill. There are few ways to win the heart of every lady on the LFID team faster than with a nice, hearty hamburger (Check out the Steakhouse Burger recipe from Once Upon a Chef - it's DIVINE). Even if it's not a burger, there is just something about food that is prepared (and preferably eaten) outside that somehow makes it taste better. We'll call it the Fresh Air Flavor.

Anyway, the great thing about cooking outdoors now is how much we have upgraded from the basic Coleman charcoal grill (not that there's anything wrong with that classic!). The design world has embraced outdoor living in recent years and now you can cook in style while catching some rays.

Sunroom by Laura Fox Interior Design

Photo Credit: Botanical Decorators

Currently, one of the most popular ways to take your outdoor cooking experience to the next level is with a beautifully designed outdoor kitchenette complete with gourmet grill, prep surface, a bit of storage for supplies, and a mini fridge to keep your condiments and drinks frosty. As an attractive bonus cooking area, we love the incorporation of an outdoor fireplace for marshmallow and weenie roasts. These setups can be done in various different stone or brick colors so that they will suit any aesthetic and look flawless with any home.

Outdoor Seating at Hank Azaria's Home

Photo Credit: Colao & Peter Outdoor Environments

If you're all about the ambiance and occasional s'more but don't want to commit to the full outdoor kitchen getup, a fire pit is another great way to have a taste of the fun of outdoor cooking while being a bit more economical and not requiring nearly as much space.

Outdoor Living by Harte Brownlee & Associates Interior Design

Photo Credit: Harte Brownlee & Associates Interior Design

Fire pits make an excellent centerpiece to your outdoor entertaining area and can be customized to fit any style or budget from a gorgeous, custom stone-work pit to a modern and economical cement bowl-style pit. Regardless of what it looks like, it still produces yummy, toasty marshmallows.

Outdoor Sitting Area by Steve Siegrist Design

Photo Credit: Steve Siegrist Design

Another fun, modern twist on outdoor cooking is this great new concept by Dutch company, WWOO. They pioneered the fully customizable, pre-fab concrete outdoor kitchen complete with storage, prep space, sinks, and the grandaddy of all grills (or so our grilling afficionado friends say) - the Big Green Egg. You can even have a pizza oven added! They are really speaking our language over there at WWOO.