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Outdoor living opens up a whole new world of fun design possibilities. It's an excellent area to really incorporate things that make you happy, from fun bright colors to exciting outdoor activities. No matter what your idea of outdoor fun is, there is a way to bring it into your backyard while still keeping it aesthetically pleasing.

Outdoor Entertaining by Laura Fox Interior Design

Photo Credit: Stacy Zarin Goldberg Photography for Laura Fox Interior Design, LLC

Laura thought that the screened porch at the #potomacbold project was a great place to get creative and have fun with bright colors that evoked the client's warm, cheerful personality while making it a comfortable, multi-purpose space to have friends and family over for fun & games, eating & drinking.

Outdoor Bar by Jackie Glass

Photo Credit: Paul Chmielowiec for Jackie Glass

"I'm outdoorsy in that I like drinking on patios." That quote is from one of our favorite eCard memes and encapsulates one of the many ways to add a splash of fun to your outdoor life. So, if that's also your idea of a good time outside, you could create a fabulous backyard bar to hang out at and catch some rays while enjoying a margarita or two. Even if a full bar isn't in the realm of possibility for you, there are tons of cute outdoor bar carts on the market right now which can serve the same purpose with much less space and financial investment required.

Backyard Bocce Ball by Stephen Shubel

Photo Credit: Stephen Shubel

A nice lawn game is a great way to add a focal point to your yard while also providing hours of entertainment. Bocce ball, lawn darts, or croquet are all fun options - or you could really think outside of the box and create a giant chess board! Just think of how blown away your guests will be when they arrive at your cookout and see that showstopper!

Backyard Chess by Chapel Valley Landscape Company

Photo Credit: DIY Network and Chapel Valley Landscape Company

You can even dress up that basic swimming pool with some brightly colored accessories and a quirky pool float. We want one of these flamingo floaties so badly we can hardly stand it!

Pink Pool by Creative Tonic Design

Photo Credit: Creative Tonic Design

The most important part in designing your outdoor living space is to simply make it space that you want to spend time and have fun in. That's what summer is all about - getting out and having fun! Now go and do it!

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Stay Foxy!


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