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Pumpkin Scones Best Recipe

Are we the only ones who have suddenly been inundated with holiday party invitations? It feels like we have at least two per week now through the end of December. We're definitely not complaining, of course. Team LFID loves a good party. It just gets a little overwhelming, especially if you're the one hosting the party.

This week and next week we'll give you some last minute pointers to help you all be the Holiday Host/Hostess with the Mostest. Keep reading for our top three tips for a stunning holiday tablescape! Bear in mind that, while this featured tablescape is very red & green, the basic ideas can be extended to whichever color scheme best suits your style and holiday celebration.

Red & Green Christmas Place Setting

We feel like the place setting is the best place to start to infuse the holiday spirit into your tablescape. After all, it is what's right in front of each guest's face. It should make a statement!

Start with a lovely charger (we're obsessed with these live edge wood ones for a slight rustic touch), add a basic white dinner plate, a pop of color salad plate, and finish it off with a fun patterned bread plate. For the final layer create a lovely packet with your flatware and napkin tied together in a pretty bow. If you're really feeling festive you could even tuck a sprig of holly or evergreen in the bow.

Christmas Centerpiece with Eucalyptus and Pinecones

Once you have your place setting figured out you can pull the colors from that into the centerpiece of your tablescape. A red table runner provides the canvas for you to start creating your perfect centerpiece. From there add some fresh, seasonal greenery or other accents to tie in the color of the ribbon from the place setting and some gold ornaments to match the flatware. For the finishing touches incorporate additional texture with some pinecones and a splash of color with some fresh red pears.

Eggnog Toast Over Holiday Tablescape

Your holiday tablescape is nearly complete but there's one critical piece missing. You need a drink! Make sure that you round out your table with appropriate (and gorgeous!) glassware for the beverages you plan on serving. We're talking sparkly champagne flutes (check these from the Fox Finds store!), etched wine glasses, and goblets for your famous home made egg nog. This little detail really demonstrates the amount of thought you put into the presentation without being an overly difficult addition.

Stay Foxy!


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