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Wine rack, white ceramic bowl, set of three wood cutting boards

Now that you have the countertops of your dreams and know how to properly maintain it, it's time to make use of it! Clear up the gaggle of wine bottles that you have stashed away in the corner by investing in a gorgeous wine rack and give that bag of fruit a home in an attractive ceramic bowl.

Most importantly, protect your countertop investment with a set of beautiful and functional cutting boards. Your counters will thank you!

Now your Fox Finds discount is valid for two weeks so you have more time to take advantage of these Foxy Deals!

1. Iron & Leather Wine Holder - $60 (small), $80 (medium), $97.50 (large)

Small (4 Bottles): 9.5"H x 8.75"W x 6.25"L

Medium (5 Bottles): 21"H x 4.5"W x 6.25"L

Large (8 Bottles): 17.25"H x 8.75"W x 6.25"L

2. Cream Ceramic Bowl - $80

15" Diameter x 8"H

3. Set of Three Wooden Cutting Boards - $125

Small: 14" W x 9" D

Medium: 17.5" W x 9.5" D

Large: 20" W x 11" D

Use Promo Code COUNTERTOP through the end of the day on Thursday, March 28, 2019 for 10% off these featured items!

Prices do not include tax or shipping costs.

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Stay Foxy!


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