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Get Out and Get Together Fox Finds

For this week's Fox Finds we aren't showing you a fun collage of pretty items and telling you how you can use them to make your home beautiful. Instead we're showing you one image and asking you to use it to make people's lives beautiful.

Our neighbors in Old Ellicott City have endured so much in two catastrophic floods and we are asking our Foxy Faithful to help them out in the home stretch of completing their rebuilding efforts.

Click on the image above or stop by to make a contribution.

There are also a number of fundraisers taking place around the area to benefit this great cause. Check out for more info.

Tell Your Friends!

Laura Fox Interior Design, LLC will donate $10 to the Ellicott City recovery effort every time this post is shared on social media with @laurafoxinteriordesign and @visitoldellicottcity tagged.

Now, Be Quick Like a Fox and Keep EC Strong!

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @laurafoxinteriordesign!

Stay Foxy!



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