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Fall Decor DIY

One of the most enjoyable things about Fall is the ample opportunity for arts and crafts utilizing the bounty of the season. Expressing our creativity while paying homage to the beauty of Autumn and making something that will add an extra touch of beauty to our homes is something we look forward to all year long. These craft projects aren't just for the kids (although they can definitely help!) and are just as classy and elegant as they are fun.

layered doormat ideas

Photo Credit: Maison de Pax

Succulents are without question the most "it" plant of the moment. Easy to care for, beautiful, and complimentary to an assortment of different design styles - it's no wonder that Pinterest is crawling with succulent styling ideas. Just because it's Fall doesn't mean that you have to abandon your succulent obsession. Use this fabulous guide from Maison de Pax to create a gorgeous pumpkin planter for your succulents out of either a pre-made container or a hollowed out faux white pumpkin. It's quick, easy, and the perfect Autumnal vessel for your succulent collection.

Pumpkin Decorating Crafts for Adults

Photo Credit: Homey Oh My

Another quick and easy way to take your white pumpkin fall decor to the next level is to glam it up a bit. Simply adding some copper tape to your white mini pumpkins. It gives them a little something extra and pulls in some of those warmer tones that we associate with Autumn without going over the top, hit you in the face, ORANGE.

DIY Leaf Napkins

Photo Credit: All Things G & D

One of the other hallmarks of Fall decorating beyond pumpkins is the incorporation of leaves. During this time when we see the staggering beauty of the leaves changing it's natural to want to add a bit of that inside of our homes. This great tutorial provides all you need to know in order to create your own one of a kind gold leaf napkins to add that little touch of foliage to your Fall dinner table.

pumpkin vase centerpiece

Another take on the pumpkin planter that we started out this post with is a white pumpkin vase. Follow this guide to create a gorgeous fall floral centerpiece based around a hollowed out faux pumpkin. It is the perfect starting point for your Fall tablescape!

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