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Everyone has that space in their home that just feels awkward. It might be a random outcropping, a corner that seems to small to do anything with, or a foyer that you just can't quite figure out. We've all had that discouraging feeling that it needs something but you just don't know what. Fortunately, you have your LFID team to pass along a few fun suggestions for how to turn these odd spaces from bland to fab.

In general, many people find that foyers pose one of the biggest awkward space design dilemmas. The place where people enter your home sets the tone and really creates that all-important first impression. So let's start there!

Frustrating Foyers

Foyers can be perplexing for so many reasons - there's not much space and you don't want to disrupt the flow of traffic but you still want it to look nice and welcoming but also functional. Adding in a flight of stairs often creates random little nooks and corners which brings a whole other level of complexity to figuring out what to do with that space.

While you can always use wall hooks, small tables, or coat racks to complete this space, these things can often leave a smaller space feeling cluttered. We are totally crushing on this little built-in bench that makes use of the stairs instead of letting them be an impediment to the design. It's creative, practical, and absolutely stunning. Perfect for an awkward foyer.

Baffling Landings

Heading upstairs from the foyer is another space that can get complicated - the landing. What are you supposed to do with this area? It's a small area that typically doesn't get used very regularly except as a pass through but it seems strange to just have nothing there. Depending on the amount of space you have on your landing you could simply put a pretty table with some accessories or even create a small sitting area. It doesn't take much to make this small, awkward space sing.

Stuck Under The Stairs

The area under the stairs is even more confusing. It's generally just wasted space mostly going unused altogether. That is why we are in love with Emily Henderson's clever solution for what to do with that area.

She created built-in storage for hanging clothes and suitcases giving additional functional storage solutions. She also designed a darling little built-in reading nook for the kids to curl up and hide out with a good book. Could you possibly imagine a more brilliant way to use that awkward space?!?

Featured Fox Finds

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