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Every parent knows that the main thing standing between them and the perfectly organized home of their dreams is a mountain of toys. Between birthdays, holidays, and the fact that kids are so adorable people want to buy them things and slowly but surely your house gets increasingly overtaken by toys. #factsoflife

A large portion of the families that LFID works with are looking for assistance with this exact problem. They need help finding ways to attractively stash away the toys to prevent their homes from turning into a small-scale Toys-R-Us (RIP toy paradise of our childhoods) and Laura always relishes the opportunity to find beautiful storage options that also make it fun for the kiddos to tidy up.

Kid's Room by Laura Fox Interior Design

In the #bethesdaglamfam project, the clients had two young boys who naturally had oodles of toys and books that would make their way throughout the house. The above industrial-styled unit with the metal pull out bins provided that fun place for the eldest son to keep his impressive Lego collection neat and organized. This type of dedicated storage for the boys' treasures helped to avoid the constant peril of stepping on a Lego with your bare feet. Anyone who has done that knows just how horribly unpleasant it is.

Kid's Room by Laura Fox Interior Design

On the other side of the room, a large shelving unit with various sizes and shapes of openings provided a wide variety of flexible solutions for both large and small toys, books, trophies, and the like while also having a fun, child-like aesthetic.

Kid's Room by Laura Fox Interior Design

Meanwhile, for the younger son, a trunk at the foot of the bed made it exceedingly simple for him to tidy up while also having that delightful "treasure chest" feeling of unlimited imagination and potential that makes these storage solutions one of the most useful and enduring kids room furnishings.

An additional bookshelf and a headboard with built in storage rounded out the trio of places to store all of his playtime odds and ends.

Kid's Room by Laura Fox Interior Design

The #bethesdaglamfam project is far from the only time that clients have asked for Laura's help with getting a handle on their toy storage problem. The below photo from the Washington Post House Calls segment featuring Laura helping out a couple with redesigning a space to make it functional for them to work in, but also to store toys for the kids of their numerous friends who would come to visit.

This couple wanted the functionality of built-in storage without the cost and construction hassle. Laura presented them with a few cubby and bench storage options to provide them with an easy, attractive, cost effective alternative to built-ins.

There are so many wonderful storage options out there to help parents with containing the toy explosion and many of them look so appealing that they make it fun for the littles to tidy up. Basically, attractive toy storage is a win win for everyone!

Stop by next week as we stop by the kitchen of local chef and author, Jenn Segal. We'll be talking with her about kitchen & pantry design and organization, as well as about her new book, Once Upon a Chef, The Cookbook: 100 Tested, Perfected & Family-Approved Recipes.

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