The LFID team has serious spring fever right now! After dealing with the temperamental weather in DC over the last few weeks we are going a bit stir crazy and turning our attention towards spring cleaning. It's the perfect time to binge and purge, tidy up, and get things uber organized so that we can move into the warmer weather with a clean slate and fresh mindset.

This month we'll tackle the various places in your home that tend to get out of control with "stuff". This way we can all move into spring together, feeling organized and ready to tackle anything that comes our way. First up - office organization.

Photo Credit: Stacy Zarin Goldberg Photography for Laura Fox Interior Design, LLC

A couple years ago Laura designed the above home office as part of the #bethesdaglamfam project. White storage drawers with striking hardware provided the perfect amount of hidden storage. In a family of all boys, the brass accents and blush walls that accompany the white drawers gave this wife and mom the ultimate feminine office retreat.

The below photo by Deborah Zoe Photography of her home office takes a similar route in using whites and grays offset by a bit of millennial pink for a cheerful workspace that has a lovely, girly touch. Zoe also embraces the use of filing cabinets but then takes her office organization to the next level with plenty of desktop tools. Letter sorters, inboxes, and other storage solutions abound to help this busy photographer keep her business running smoothly while also looking amazing.

Photo Credit: Deborah Zoe Photography for Style Me Pretty

The below office space by Bespoke Only is decidedly more masculine and even a bit on the moody side but it does feature some splendid storage solutions. This very artfully designed office not only features these stunning vintage filing cabinets but also a wall of built in storage to provide a place for books and other odds and ends.

One particularly interesting bit of organization featured in this space is the little wire shelf situated right next to the desk. This provides a small additional work surface for when you just need an extra 6" of desk as well as a sort of catch-all to help keep documents and other items that you need close at hand without cluttering up the desktop.

Photo Credit: Ty Cole Photography for Bespoke Only

In keeping with the more masculine feeling office space while also adding in a slight touch of the feminine is the space below by Driven by Decor. In this space Kris has a simple basket for books but the primary storage and organization is handled behind closed doors in a gorgeous vintage sideboard. This piece provides a place to beautifully hide away any office supplies, paperwork, and books so that to the outside world you appear to have the most spotless office ever. Nobody needs to know whether or not that's actually the case!

Photo Credit: Driven by Decor

As a final marriage of all the splendidly tidy and organized offices we found the below example from Better Homes & Gardens that perfectly blends the masculine feel of the industrial-inspired desk and wall sconces with the feminine touch of the chair, florals, and desk lamp. Everything is then balanced out by the simple white shelving and neutral baskets that help keep everything orderly and in place. They even added in a bit of desktop organization to really round out the #organizationgoals.

Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

We all know that a tidy workspace helps to increase productivity and we hope that these spaces have inspired you to take your office organization to the next level as part of your spring cleaning. What area of your office needs the most work? Comment below!

Stay Foxy!


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