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Why Should I Hire A Designer?

Now that the chaos of the holidays has passed we've heard from a lot of people that they are starting to look into what updates they would like to make to their home in the upcoming year. This is a great time to step back and figure out if it makes sense for you to hire a designer to help you take your home to the place that you see in your mind.

Keep reading to see some of the most common reasons that we have heard for people to hire a designer.

Red & Green Christmas Place Setting

Reason #1: We Also Make Great Marriage Counselors

Without a doubt, the most common reason we hear from couples regarding why they are looking to hire a designer is that they have two conflicting design styles and can't figure out how to make the two work together. This is where we come in. We listen to each perspective to figure out what is really most important to each and then create a design that will make both parties say, "Wow! I can't believe this is actually my home!"

Kid Friendly Interior Design

Reason #2: My Kids Destroy Every Piece of Furniture I Buy!

If you have kids you can almost certainly relate to this. A good portion of furniture that is easily accessible on the retail market isn't built to stand up to the rigors of a few energetic children. If you have pets then you can just add another layer of abuse on to that sofa that looked so beautiful a few short months ago.

A designer has access to additional sources for furniture and fabrics that are intended to last through years of the most intense wear making certain that your investment will still be going strong even after the kids are past their "floor is lava" stage.

I'm too busy to design my home

Reason #3: I’m So Busy I Feel Like I’m Constantly Running In Circles!

You work 40+ hours a week, organize the soccer carpool, volunteer at your local charity, run 5Ks, keep the house clean, cook dinner, help the kids with their homework, and somehow still manage to make your marriage work.

We get it! Your hands are full! You don't have time to sort through dozens of sofas, hundreds of fabrics, and countless tables to find the perfect combination to achieve the gorgeous home that you deserve.

Let a designer take that off your plate and narrow down the choices to a few selections that will work together perfectly. From there we will manage the entire process so you don't have to keep track of when that sofa will be arriving or if that fabric got to the drapery fabricator on time.

You have enough on your mind already and just because you have great style and an eye for design, it doesn't necessarily make you a designer or allow you the time necessary to turn that stylish vision into a reality. Meanwhile, your designer has the resources and knowledge to pull it all together for you!