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We're back, recuperated, caught up (almost), and ready to fill all of our Foxy Faithful in on our recent excursion to Paris! We're kicking things off with the main reason we went to Paris, the Maison & Objet design show.

Keep reading to find out about all of the top trends we saw at the show!

M&O SCAVENGER HUNT! Find the hidden Fox in the photos and comment below or on Instagram to win some LFID swag!

*Hint: It isn't the picture of Laura ;)

It's a Jungle Out There!

Designers are clearly pulling inspiration from the tropics right now, judging by the plethora of parrots, heaps of palm fronds, and profusion of pineapples. You could find them on everything from wallpaper to chairs, throw pillows, light fixtures (palm tree chandelier, anyone?), ottomans, and of course as many knick-knacks as your heart could desire.

Mellow Yellow

After years of shadows, the sun is coming out in design! Yellow was popping up throughout the show like so many cheery daffodils and we are loving it. While all shades of yellow made an appearance, a chic mustard color is especially having a moment.

Blushin' Bordeaux

Blush and Bordeaux are two sides of the same coin that pair beautifully together as we saw time and time again throughout Maison & Objet. While each color regularly made striking appearances on its own, they really sang when they came together and made sumptuous design music.

A Variety of Velvets

Velvet was unquestionably the fabric of choice at Maison & Objet appearing not just on furniture but also on throw pillows, lamp shades, and even the occasional parrot statue.

What's Old Is New Again

One of the trends that took us a bit longer to pick up on was the recurring appearance of items that reminded us of a bygone time. However, once we noticed that trend it became one of our favorite parts of the show.

Brighter is Better

One of the biggest trends that we noticed was a penchant for bright and bold colors. Gone are the days of everything being gray and beige. Welcome to the era of clementine and cobalt, of iridescent accents and neon lights, of hot pink and lemon yellow. It's a bold new design world out there and we could not be more excited for it!

Stay tuned next week to see all of the stunning design elements that we came across in and around Paris itself!

Don't Forget! Mark your calendars for our Open House & Pop-Up Market on Sunday, November 10! More info to come soon!

Stay Foxy!



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