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We received such an enthusiastic response to last week's post about our trip to Paris that we're giving our Foxy Faithful more of what they want!

Beyond the Maison & Objet design show, France was chock-full of incredible design inspiration. From storefronts to chapels, restaurants to theaters, and palaces to random doors there was more beauty than we could possibly take in. Here's a little sampler of some of those spectacular sights that we had the privilege of witnessing.

Color Continued

The bright colors trend definitely wasn't limited to the halls of Maison & Objet. The rest of France had clearly received that memo as we saw pops of color creeping up in stores, art spaces, and even on a cheery cobblestone street.

"The Chairs, They're Hideous"

This may have been the assessment of Kong by Carrie Bradshaw's dining companion in the Sex And The City finale but we heartily disagree. We found that the delightfully inventive and modern yet undeniably chic design of the space took our collective breath away. The food was out of this world too!

Classically Cultured

It felt like everywhere we went we were surrounded by stunning classical French design. We constantly found ourselves charmed by chandeliers, delighting in ceiling details, and enveloped in velvet and damask.

Doors for Days

One thing that we were not expecting to find so consistently inspiring was doors. It sounds unbelievably random but it felt like we were constantly stopping as we were walking around the city to take photos of the doors which were so beautiful and unique that it would have been a downright crime to not take their picture.

"Like Walking Into a Jewel Box"

Laura described Sainte Chapelle best with the above quote. The jewel-toned stained glass of this Gothic masterpiece truly made you feel like you were walking through a treasure chest lined with the rarest of gemstones.

The Phantom Of The Opera is...HERE

The Palais Garnier may be known as the inspiration for a ghostly tale but the actual opera house is anything but scary. Quite the opposite, in fact, as the gorgeous gilding, stunning chandeliers, and magnificent mosaics combined to create one of the largest inspirations for a beautiful design that we saw in Paris.

All The Glories Of France

The museum of the Chateau de Versailles was dedicated to this express purpose. It was to be a testament to French architecture, design, and all of the wonderful things that make this country so special. We were so awestruck by the incredible beauty and opulence of Versailles that we wholeheartedly believe that mission has been fulfilled.

Stay tuned next week to get a glimpse of the Fox Fam living it up in and around Paris!

Don't Forget! Mark your calendars for our Open House & Pop-Up Market on Sunday, November 10! More info to come soon!

Stay Foxy!



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