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This week on Fox Tales we're absolutely thrilled to feature a guest appearance by local chef and author (and LFID client!), Jenn Segal of Once Upon a Chef, as she tells us about her favorite tips for keeping her kitchen organized and operating at peak efficiency.

Jenn will also be giving us a taste of her new cookbook (which goes on sale today!)

Order your copy HERE today!

Keep reading for more tidbits from Jenn and to find out how you can be entered to win an autographed copy of the book!

Kid's Room by Laura Fox Interior Design

Thanks for taking the time to chat, Jenn! Congratulations on the new book! To kick things off can you tell us, as a professional chef, how important is it to you to keep your kitchen organized?

Thanks so much! Organization is key to being successful in the kitchen. When I’m cooking, I need to know exactly where everything (i.e., pots, utensils, ingredients) is and have it within arm’s reach. I find that if I make any mistakes while I’m cooking, it’s likely because I’m not as organized as I need to be.

Once Upon a Chef Kitchen

What organization tools or tactics do you use in your own kitchen that you would recommend to others?

My pot rack is over my kitchen island. I love that it saves so much cabinet space (and looks pretty too).

I treasure my cookbooks and give them center stage on a shelf in my kitchen. This allows me to quickly refer to them when needed.

I use a spice rack, which is tucked inside a cabinet right next to the stove. It’s beneficial as I’m able to find what I need in short order. I’ve considered alphabetizing the spices but know that I could never maintain it!

My pantry is pretty well organized with different shelves devoted to various ingredients (like pastas and grains on one shelf and baking supplies including flour and sugar on another shelf). Keeping my pantry organized also helps to maximize the space I have to work with.

Once Upon a Chef

How does the design of your kitchen play into keeping it organized and functional?

I’m fortunate to have a relatively spacious kitchen. This allows for some breathing room when I need to spread out a bit (like when I’m rolling out dough or working on a few dishes at one time). I have a center island which provides more counter real estate and additional storage space underneath.

To minimize distractions, I try to keep my counters as clutter-free as possible. That said, I keep some larger appliances like my stand mixer and food processor on the counter because if I had to unearth them from my cabinets each time I needed them, I’m not sure I’d ever use them!

Once Upon a Chef Kitchen

What is your favorite recipe from the new book?

That’s so hard to say! Possibly the Chocolate Lover’s Birthday Cake (page 275) – it’s easy to make and a family favorite for special occasions.

Once Upon a Chef Kitchen

I know that this book has been a dream of yours for some time. What is the best part about turning that dream into a reality?

Yes, I’ve been dreaming of writing a cookbook for over 20 years! It’s wonderful to finally hold the book in my hands and share all these new recipes with readers. But the most exciting part of this project by far is getting out of my kitchen and meeting my readers in person.

Enter to win in one of three ways:

  • Share either this post or Thursday's Fox Finds on your social media with Laura Fox Interior Design, Once Upon a Chef, and three friends tagged (five bonus entries if you or any of your tagged friends make a Fox Finds purchase!)

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  • Stop by @onceuponachef on Instagram to find one of Jenn's amazing recipes that you are most excited to try. Tag @laurafoxinteriordesign and three friends in the comments.

Earn a bonus entry for every person that you tag who also enters! Don't forget to follow @laurafoxinteriordesign and @onceuponachef while you're at it to stay up date on future giveaways, news, and other treats for eyes and bellies! Winners will be announced in next Tuesday's Fox Tales and on the @laurafoxinteriordesign Instagram.

Stay Foxy!


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