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Back in April, the LFID team loaded up a Chevy Suburban with five women, ten suitcases, and enough snacks to stock a small convenience store and took a field trip down to High Point, NC for the semi-annual High Point Market.

We were on a mission to get inspired, find the perfect pieces for our wonderful clients, and see what the hot new trends were in the design world.

It's taken us a few months to sort through the thousands of photos that we took but we are now thrilled to share with you our top five trends from the High Point Spring 2018 Market!

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Green With Envy

The design world is going green in more ways than one! Before the team left for our excursion, Laura predicted that we would see a great deal of green and she was spot on. It was everywhere! There was emerald, lime, kelly, hunter, sage, and Laura's personal favorite, a beautiful soft eucalyptus color. We were seeing green in walls, furniture, upholstery, and accessories. And it wasn't just the color green that was constantly popping up. Botanicals of every type, size, and color were to be found in abundance. Designers are embracing the concept of bringing the outdoors in and it is just gorgeous.

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Au Naturale

Designers are also continuing the trend of bringing the outdoors in through their use of natural and raw wood elements. The fact that these pieces come straight from the earth and typically are not carved down, stained, or modified very much beyond their natural state gives them such a personality and raw, primal, one of a kind beauty. It's easy to see why this style of furnishing is trending. There is something simply irresistible about it.

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Shapely Silhouettes

One of the more fun trends that we were seeing was furniture designers getting creative with the shapes and silhouettes of their pieces. We were seeing this trend most commonly in chairs but there were also new and different takes on vanities, dressers, ottomans, and sofas as well. The most exciting variations were still the chairs, though. Caracole had an entire series of chairs that resembled mustaches! It was so much fun seeing just how outside of the box some of these designers were thinking when they created these pieces.

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Clearly Trending

One of the more surprising trends that we noticed was the lavish usage of Lucite. Even a number of companies that historically have a more traditional aesthetic were embracing the use of this very modern material in their furniture to give it a lighter feel, almost as though it were suspended in air. Even if they weren't using Lucite as the primary material for their furniture, a large number of furniture designers incorporated it as an accent in their pieces. We found the plethora of Plexiglas to be quite a refreshing change of pace.

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