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The final phase of our design inspiration journey was to really dive in to ways of updating and bringing a modern twist to the glamour of Classic French Design. We started out by taking a look at a different angle of the Darcy Bonner space that concluded last week's post on glamorous updates to Classic French Design.

Modern French Design by Darcy Bonner

Photo Credit: Darcy Bonner

The deep, saturated wall color evoking Baroque-era color palettes was offset splendidly by these spectacular, creamy, modern-styled sconces. These sconces stayed true to the French design concept of incredible light fixtures that really make a statement and become a focal point of the room but then they also add that lovely modern twist that we were looking for.

French Design by John Minshaw

Photo Credit: John Minshaw Designs

The above space by John Minshaw Designs and the below space by Carrier & Company (designed for actress Jessica Chastain) go in a similar direction with the saturated, Baroque-inspired wall colors. John Minshaw chooses to keep the darker color palette confined to a single accent wall while making the remainder of the walls more in line with the Rococo-inspired lightness. Meanwhile, Carrier & Company chose a stunning forest green suede throughout the space.

Both of these designers strike a beautiful balance between the lightness of Rococo and the darkness of Baroque in their furnishing selections. Some lighter upholstery paired with darker woods and a splash of richly saturated velvet & silk here and there makes for a truly spectacular modern take on a French-Inspired living space.

French Design by Carrier & Co.

Photo Credit: Carrier & Company

The below foyer by Tara Shaw goes in a different direction altogether from those Baroque-inspired saturated spaces by creating a clean, ivory color palette with subtle dark accents in the wood and iron work. She then incorporates a number of stunning French-Inspired elements in the chandelier and antique statuary while also adding a striking modern contrast with a gorgeous creamy hide rug and an ultra-modern black and white abstract sculpture.

French Design by Tara Shaw

Photo Credit: Tara Shaw for One King's Lane

While Tara Shaw chose to aim for a bold marriage of the contrasting modern and Classic French design elements, designer Daniel C. Cuevas went for a more subtle complimentary pairing of the two styles. Cuevas takes the Rococo-inspired creamy color palette and adds those gorgeous arches & vaulted ceilings that we saw when we were exploring French-inspired architecture a couple weeks ago. He incorporates dark iron framed windows with some more modern furniture styles and floor details. Cuevas polished off the modern twist on French-Inspired Design by adding the series of fabulous statement lanterns that stand out and helps to complete the entire look.